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Arquanum focused on teamwork with intensive communication and coordination. Our teammates have military grade trust and communication skills. Most of our experts are holding Cyber Struggle Ranger certification.

Arquanum Incident Management

AIM is a model based on incident oriented preparation. This service focuses on internal process management, vulnerability management, intelligence and struggle management. It is a full coverage premium service.

Red Team

The main purpose of this service is not finding as many vulnerabilities as possible: Our focus is to penetrate into corporate not matter how. Red Team includes 0days, uses the most recent techniques with all aspects of social and physical penetration skills.

Cyber Drill

Cyber Drill consists of an attack based defense and is a management and team work simulation. The results of this simulation give detailed information on reaction capabilities, level of preparation and awareness, response abilities, team conflicts, departmental problems and management gaps against uncertain and mayday situation.


Arquanum gathers intelligence from not only automated tools but also from people operating in underground as well. Thus, this service is not based on a sole automated structure as it also provides the add-value of professional analysts who are dedicated to watch underground and collect information from the cyber world.


Arquanum provides personal and case based profiling services in order to help businesses to identify risks such as psyc war, systematic and organized attacks, apt, etc. Profiling should be considered as the optimal solution for corporations in the need of detailed information on how and by whom their businesses are handled.


Teaming service focuses on communication conflicts, team problems and coordination issues of businesses. This service provides improvement for your departments’ coordination and communication skills through its training programs where military level training approach is embraced with learnings from Ex-Special Forces.

We approach the cyber struggle concept as a worldwide situation. And Arquanum experts are ready to assist you all over the world.

Our customized services are available where ever your business is.


We are proud to provide our customized services to ensure secure business growth of our customers

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