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Penetration Test

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Learn exactly how vulnerable your most critical assets are to cyber attacks

Organizations do all they can to protect their critical cyber assets, but they don’t always systematically test their defenses. Penetration Testing from Arquanum Team helps you strengthen your security for those assets by pinpointing vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in your security systems.
Our expert, highly skilled penetration testing specialists examine the current state of your infrastructure to assess the resilience of your security controls and to identify all the ways that an attacker might gain unauthorised access.

A wide variety of penetration testing options are available, with each option providing information that can dramatically improve security in your organization.

External Penetration Test

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Identify and exploit vulnerabilities on systems, services and applications exposed to the Internet

Internal Penetration Test

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Emulate a malicious insider or an attacker that has gained access to an end user’s system, including escalating privileges, installing custom crafted malware and/or exfiltrating faux critical data

Application Penetration Test

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Comprehensively assess web or mobile applications for vulnerabilities that can lead to unauthorized access or data exposure

Social Engineering Test

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Assess security awareness and general security controls with respect to human manipulation, including email, phone calls, media drops, and physical access

Wireless Technology Assessment

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Assess the security of your deployed wireless solution, be it an 802.x, Bluetooth, zigbee, or others

Embedded Devices / IoT Test

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Assess the security of your device by attempting to exploit the embedded firmware, control the device by passing or injecting unsolicited malicious commands, or modify data sent from the device

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