Our world leading experts use their unrivalled knowledge to fight the threats that you face every day. With our technical depth and strategic vision, we are best placed to help organisations identify, assess, mitigate and respond to the risks they face. HEADQUARTERS: DAP Yapi Z Office Plaza Kat 3 No 299 Kagithane – Istanbul – Turkey RESEARCH&DEVELOPMENT: Istanbul Technical University ARI Teknopark

Incident Management

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Services considered as SOC are generally considered in a limited understanding under SIEM & Monitoring. On the other hand, AIM consists of four grand topics with each topic related to sub studies. Considering these sub studies, the whole process cannot be considered as a limited security issue solution phase but as a a process of struggle within an extended, broad perspective.

AIM provides an wide range of improvements : Visibility Studies, Vulnerability Management, Attack Warnings, Security Intelligence, Brand Recognition in Security World, Incident Management, Response Process, Customized Automations and Team Coordination&Communication Improvement services provide corporations the opportunity of secure growth and development. Thus, a broad service planning is enabled, where Organizational Departmental Renewal is also covered when required. All these services can either be planned in alignment with business strategy or be enriched with additional customized services regarding corporate requirements.

Arquanum’s working discipline relies on responding business requirements in a flexible working model, building the structure and culture to enable an effective incident management and evaluating the whole service providing under a real struggle concept.

Arquanum takes the whole development process within a 360 degree view and extracts the studies of SOC/SOME from the limited frame they are currently being evaluated. Thus, Arquanum manages the whole service providing process under the concept of “a non-ending struggle”

Within this discipline; Arquanum has been providing incident management services to multilocational and multinational corporations with more than 80k servers&employees and 4k web applications.

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With our technical depth and strategic vision, Arquanum teams have great expertise in different sector-specific problems and challenges.

  • Aviation
  • Banking and Finance
  • Cryptocurrency and Blockchain
  • Auditing
  • Telecommunication
  • E-Commerce
  • Military and Military Transportation
  • IoT and Embedded Devices
  • Stock Market

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